12+ Christmas Party Outfit for Girls | Decoration Ideas 2020

In this post, Get Inspiration for Classy Christmas Party Ideas and Christmas outfit for girls. From skirts with sequins, fur fur coats and lots of red, black, green and golden accents. Perfect for the 2020 holiday season.

Hello everyone, Finally the end of the year is near and the holidays are coming up and it is not only the most wonderful time of the year but also the time that makes you stressing over what to wear.

That's why today I'm going to show you guys some Christmas outfit for girls that I think could make some difference this year.

12+ Christmas Party Outfit for Girls | Decoration Ideas 2020 |

As we all know that on Christmas and New Year the most popular and trendy color is black and red and we all have at least one in our wardrobe so lest use them in a very stylish and classy way.

Here I am also uploading some pictures that can help you to understand my ideas properly.  

First of all, say HI to Sequin😄


If you have a sequin top then you need nothing girl just wear your top with skin fit black legging or pant it gives you a very classy and stylish look and also adds some accessories with it   

Sweater Dress

Sweater DressRed Sweater Dress

The second outfit could look somehow more formal but also sexier with red sweater dress style your dress with a good quality black belt AND black HIGH THIGH BOOTS to finish the look tag a hat this is the most appropriate look you also don’t feel cold in it

If you are feeling bored in black and red color so don’t worry here are more option that can definitely help you to find the perfect outfit.

We have already talked about sequin top so let’s move your eyes to sequence dress.

Yes, girls green Sequin Dress

Green Sequin DressGreen Sequin

Friends I just love the green dress because it gives that disco and party vibe, and there are many patterns and options available in the market as well as online so you can easily buy them the most interesting thing is you don’t need too much thing and accessories with the dress because the dress its self is a comb so wear heels with it and tag your fav earrings.

Let’s use a skirt

Skirt DressRed Skirt Dress

My third outfit idea is very popular we all have skirts like sequence denim lather etc. types so wear your black or with sweater or sweatshirt with a skirt also if you want to cover your legs so first, you have to wear black skin fit legging and then wear your skirt for spice tag boots and cap or hat with it.

My last and final suggestion is

Let’s style blazer

The blazer looks very classy and elegant so its time to say hi to them wear your blazer with a skirt, jeans or pants there is bound action you can style your blazer with any one of these but keep in mind that the color combination must be suitable and looks perfect with one and another 

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Decoration Ideas For Christmas🎅

As we all know that on Christmas the most important thing is the Christmas tree so here, I am suggesting to you 5 ways how to decorate the Christmas tree differently.

Make a Christmas tree look fuller Guys if you want a simple but elegant tree so for this you will need ferry lights of golden color and just wrap it around the tree 

Christmas treeChristmas Tree 2020

If you don’t have a Christmas tree so don’t worry, I have a solution for this problem just select one plain wall and you need dark green cardboard and lights and decorative ideas here is an example of my thought.

Christmas decoration at home

So, the next idea is to decorate the tree with the help of colorful decorative balls and lights for more you can also add light stars but keep in mind that the whole color combination looks beautiful.

Christmas Tree images 2020

Sunflower Christmas trees The huge trend of this year is going to be sunflower Christmas trees and so for this, you will need artificial or natural sunflower ribbon and lights.

Sunflower Christmas tree

The next idea is decorating the Christmas tree with memories as in the form of photos you can also add stars decorative balls this idea is very different and unique.

Other than the Christmas tree there are also many option and things to decorate 

Let's talk about cake

Here I am sharing some best pictures of cake and cupcakes which are very different and looks delicious  

Chocolate CakeX-mas Cake

Christmas Cake

Light your window or curtain with fairy string curtain lights. These types of lights are available in many designs like bulbs, stars, etc.

Christmas LightingChristmas Decoration

Decorate your flower pot and indoor plants with beautiful ribbons and lights it gives you very fresh and good vibes.

Lighting Pot

Candles are also important as we discuss decoration so decorate the small areas with a good fragrance candle it is a 2 on type thing it looks very good, as well as they spread a sweet smell.

Candles for Christmas

So that’s all for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed the topic Christmas Outfit for girls and Christmas Decoration and don't forget to share feedback and your thought’s and also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. Love you guys bye😃.

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