Best Indian Wedding Reception Dress Ideas 2020

Best Indian Wedding Reception Dress Ideas 2020

Hey everyone, according to me Indian ethnic wear are the best building blocks of a wardrobe because we can mix and match them with a lot of different types of clothes.

Advantages of Wearing Traditional Indian Dress

Many things come to our mind when we talk about traditional Indian dress. Urban women in our country generally choose western clothes over Indian traditional costumes. But women always prefer traditional costumes when it comes to attending festivals and weddings. A traditional Indian dress gives you classy and better look. A natural beauty of women comes out when they are in traditional dress. Our traditional attire such as sarees, salwar suits, lehenga choli and many more are options. The advantages of our traditional dress give us a motto of looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. The most daring comes to the fore when an Indian woman prepares for her wedding/reception. Let us see how different traditional clothes make us look attractive.😊


First I would like to start with what I like to call the ethnic replacement of t shirt and that's it tunics whenever  I do not feel like to wear regular clothes regular jeans t-shirt and I want to switch things up I always and a up gravitating towards a good well fitted tunic and a feeling as comfortable and stylish as I would in jeans and can hear your tunic with plazo pants dreams sharara saree exactra if you want to simple yet comfortable look like on Diwali festival wedding outfit except you need a good outfit for whole the day so you can hear your tunic with jeans or plazo and take some silver oxidized jewellery with it guys trust me it will give you a perfect traditional look.

                   tunic for girls

So if you don't like tunic don't worry there are a lot of options.


I know we all love black and at least we have one black kurta in a wardrobe so let's style your basic paint black kurta in different ways to make a perfect ethnic traditional outfit.

So my first option is you can style your black a line kurta with a denim jacket and jeans and take some silver jewellery with it it looks to stylish yet traditional.

If you want some heavy look you can pair your black anarkali kurta with a black pajama or pant and the twist is take a heavy dupatta with it it will give you more stylish and elegant look. For more you can add a curved neck piece with it.
If you don't want to wear dupatta so you can also style your black kurta with plazo or skirt and just add some heavy jewellery with it it will give you a perfect traditional look for wedding festival different occasions etc.


Guys  I want that you don't have to spend money a lot of money on  clothes as you can  also mix and match your clothes with other.

I want you look beautiful on weeding festival with your clothes you have already in your wardrobe.
many of us know that white kurti is very common simple and boring but friends if you have no option and you confused that what to wear at last moment so white kurti is the best option at that time.
for weddings/receptions or festival take white anarkali kurta and pair it with a white pant aur pajama aur plazo and a heavy dupatta or bandhej duppata. And tag some needful accessories with it .

white kurtiwhite kurti with duppta

Jackets and Shrugs

jackets for girlsshrugs for girls

Friends jackets and shrug it have very important role in traditional outfit. you can change your boring outfit in a new form. so , if you don't have any type of jacket or shrug you have to buy a good one. you can pair your jacket with any a line kurta and some jewellery it will look to classy and too good. Here I am sharing some examples that that can help you to choose your outfit


net duppta

 heavy duppta

there are a lot of options that are available in the market and they are affordable also if you have a good collection of the pata then you don't need to worry about your outfit for any wedding occasion festival accept because we can wear one simple outfit in different ways with the help of different the pata hai am showing you some example to pair your dupatta with simple outfit to make it stylish and elegant .


bottom wear at the name thing which can give your outfit a greeks like we all must have black plazo it can mix and match with any kurta tunic block 6 sector I have a black plazo white plazo and some different colours of skirts so I can mix and match this with my any top wear and these simple things can make our outfit to traditional and good as well as comfortable also.

red skirt for girls

                 printed skirtwhite plazzo

However, I would suggest you to wear something in which you feel most pleasant and confident. Wear something that can enhance your grandeur and highlight your identity. Buying Indian Ethnic Dresses for Women Online, the best possible scenario.

The festive season brings the best of joy and enjoyment in terms of festivals, spectacle and entertainment. Your hands are ready to eat the best of native cuisine and your feet never get tired of dancing. Everything looks right In fact, you have to stay out of the party and meet your social media publishing goals by setting the standards of fashion photography.
During the celebration, it is not only women but also men who try to catch everyone's eye. And what could be better than Indian ethnic clothing for turning heads? In short, nothing can make you more genuine and royal than Indian ethnic wear.

So that's it guys I hope you liked the wedding reception dress ideas and found it helpful. I wish you look gorgeous and stunning on festivals, wedding/reception and other special occasions. Share your feedback and thoughts with me in the comments section below.👇👇

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