9 Very Stylish And Pretty Ways To Style White Kurti

Hello, guys today I am sharing 9 very stylish and pretty ways to style your white Kurti it includes Kurti with jeans and many more.
Being a girl I know how we always crave new clothes. Today I am sharing 9 ways to style your plain white Kurti.
Take a cup of tea or coffee and learn how to style white kurti enjoy this article.😊

how to style white kurti

My first look is going to be Kurti with jeans look but over the twist, I picked up my loafers to add more style to this look, you can pair your Punjabi jutti that will also look great and the twist is to wear a waistcoat to complete this look, in terms of jewelry I am keeping it very simple so just wear sliver loops instead of jumkas this adds more western touch. Complete this look with a sling bag why sling bag lets have a look:

NO.1: For the effortless style and then.

NO.2: Which most of us are going to love is it makes you look slim.

Roll the bottom of your jeans to show your ankles that look really great with kurtas this look is inspired by Kareena Kapoor jab we meet to look if you don't have a waistcoat wear your jeans jacket instead of that I am sure we all have jeans jacket so the first look is going to be with a lighter shade jeans jacket I personally prefer sleeveless jacket for this look but you can opt for full sleeve jacket like Kareena Kapoor and take sling bag and put it across and this is the final look.
Next, I am going to suggest to a dark denim jacket, and with this look just tie your hair in a ponytail and this is the final look. So, out of these three looks which one is your favorite one two or three do let me know in the comment section below.
how to style denim jacket with kurtiWhite kurti with jeans

For my second look, I prefer beautifully printed sharara with white Kurti and just wear chunky heels in any color to add some brightness to this outfit and for your sharara fold the sharara to show your heels and also to be a little bit comfortable while walking, in terms of jewelry picked beautiful sliver jumkas and add a handbag and your final look is complete this is a very simple yet stylish look. and keep your hair open with this look if you want to tie your hair I would suggest you wear a neckpiece otherwise your outfit might look incomplete I don't know why but this look gives me a Delhi girl vibe.

For my third look, pick Kurti, black chiffon dupatta and black Georgia palazzo pants since we are carrying dupatta in this look so you can tie your hair if you like and pair a sliver jumkas with it everything about this look is very simple and in terms of footwear I am not suggesting high heels so picked simple black sandals to go with this look it reminds me of beautiful Pakistani girls very
simple yet sweet if you want to give stylish look go for heavy eyes and nude lips.

Kurti with chiffon dupatta and black Georgia palazzo

Well, the fourth look is to replace the dupatta with a black and white striped button-down dress and go for a high ponytail. high ponytails instantly give you youthful look because a tight and high ponytail gives you a facelift which will make you look much younger this is a very smart and stylish Indo western look.

White kurti with striped button-down dress

So the fifth one is going to just go for a flowy jacket on top of your Kurti and paired a structured handbag in brown to go with this look in terms of jewelry picked very simple small golden hoops and this whole outfit put together because of the shoes and make sure your footwears have some kind of pattern or design on it and that is going to divert attention from your legs because we don't want to highlight that .we are wearing a kurta as a dress.

For sixth look, I slipped into high-waisted black pants with my Kurti and pick the gorgeous boot heels to go with this look now let's talk about the fun part of this outfit which is going to stole just put it on your shoulders make sure it is equal on both sides and take a thick belt with a similar color because we don't want to highlight belt too much and use it to keep the stole in the place for the hair half updo or a ponytail look really good with this look is a perfect outfit for winter it is stylish and chic now let's move on to the next outfit.

For the seventh look take your black pleated skirt with your Kurti for the shoes picked up strappy black heels to completely transform this look from traditional to modern I am going to wear a blazer and another game-changer for the look is going to be is belt this belt is defined waist adding style to your outfit and keeping everything in place this is such a modern and chic outfit and you can totally wear it to work.

The eighth outfit is going to have some interesting colors and for this look, you need white Kurti and orange high waist pencil skirt and on top wear a blazer you can dress up like these to a meeting or work and it is super glamorous and practical.

For the last but not the least pair your white Kurti with golden or beige skirt to make this look winter-appropriate add  a beautiful off white jacket since overall it is a very light look so pick leopard print scarf to add more style to your look tie it around your ponytail and just complete with golden earrings and complement this look went for the thierry black handbag in beige colour
because this look is a combination of very light and beautiful shades put together to give a classy look and this look is appropriate for all the ages. 

That's all for this article. I hope you understand how to style white kurti, how to style denim jacket with kurti, try all these ideas and style yourself, be classy and share your feedback and thoughts in the comment box👇.
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