What is statement earrings? | How to Style them

How To Style Statement Earrings With Ethnic Wear 

What is a statement earring? 

So, basically statement earrings are big earrings that are a style statement in themselves and you don't need to wear anything else in the neck they are complete in themselves.

Today I will talk about different types of statement earrings that are available in the market and that are currently trending so that you look sleek and stylish by paring statement earrings with your ethnic wear outfits whether that as a party outfit or a casual wear outfit.😊

So, the first is;

1. Chandbalis 

Chandbalis are a very safe option you can never go wrong with chandbalis and they are perfect for festivals, parties, weddings, etc. usually on normal days, we don't wear chandbalis because they look beautiful with your party to wear outfits. Chandbalis are available in different sizes like medium chandbalis , big chandbalis, and small chandbalis.

Medium Chandbalis

Small Chandbalis

How to pair chandbalis?

Well, basically with big chandbalis you won't need to wear any type of necklaces but with the small one, you can wear a small necklace.

Big Chandbalis 

Big Chandbalis

Big Chandbalis

you can wear these with your smooth lehengas this doesn't go with Indo-western outfits so, these are perfect for suit, lehengas, sarees they look very beautiful with that.

2. Afghani Balis 

Friends, afghani balis are in the trend right now and they look perfect with your dark color sarees. One more special thing about afghani balis is they are always in silver color.

But this is not for your wedding wear or party wear unless you are wearing like a black saree or a deep vine shade saree or a plain saree with no golden border with it so that it looks good with afghani balis.

They are available in different different types, like single layer afghani balis, double layer afghani balis, and glass cut afghani basis.

Afghani Balis

Afghani Balis

Double Layer Afghani Balis

Double layer afghani balis look superb with your casual wear like if you are going for shopping, or with a white suit or a black suit.

Double Layer Afghani Balis

Glass Cut Afghani Balis

Another option is glass cut afghani balis these are perfect for normal tone down Kurtis not for the party ones with these earrings, you don't need to wear extra jewelry with it.

Glass Cut Afghani Balis

3. Jumkis

Now the third option is jumkis you can never go wrong with jumkis. jumkis have a variety of options like you can go with pearl jumkis style pearl jumkis with golden sarees or sarees which have a golden border or with normal suits it looks fabulous.

Sliver Jumkis or Multicolor Jumkis

You can pair these kinds of jumki with your casual wear or if you are going to college market etc. but keep in mind that pearl earrings are for weedings party, festivals outfits and sliver jumkis are for casual outfits.

Big dome shape jumkis

Nowadays they are in the trend, celebrities also wear them, they look really good and you can pair them with wedding outfits festival, etc.

Dome Shape Jumkis

4. Tassel Earrings 

If you are someone who loves to wear Indo western outfit like a gown or slit Kurtis with palazzo tassel earring looks beautiful with them. Tassel earrings really look nice when you have to go with Indo western outfits for a party or a wedding. tassel earrings give you a kind of modern feel and it looks good.
Tassel Earring

Tassel Earring

now next up in trend are:-
5.Multi Hanging Earrings

These have some jumar kind of design these kinds of earrings look good with your heavy lehengas or if you are someone who has a wedding in the family or even you are the bride, jumar looks gorgeous
so, they are perfect for Indian typical outfits they are not for casual wear.

Hanging Earrings

Hanging Earrings

last option is
6. Gota Earrings 

These kinds of earrings are perfect for wedding functions like your Haldi, Mehendi, pooja, etc. it gives you a kind of flowery feel but you can't wear them regularly or in the night parties it doesn't look good there.

Gota Earrings

Gota Earrings

Friends, it was all about how to style statement earrings with your ethnic wear and the latest current trends of statement earrings in the market. I hope you like the article. Share your feedback and thoughts in the comment box.💕

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