Navratri 2020 Special Dresses for Girls | Raas Garba

Navratri 2020 Special Dresses For Girls

With Navratri 2020 around the corner, have you decided how you are going to complete the colorful festival? If you still haven't decided, I will help you with some easy navratri dress code and  Navratri 2020 Special Dresses for Girls and styling tips. Since Navratri is all about wearing vibrant clothes and beautiful jewelry, this is really the best time to flaunt your best look while also showing off your beautiful Garba steps! Don't fret if you are not wearing a Gujarati style or a traditional sarees draped in that ghagra choli look. You can always be a little comfortable and look ready for the celebration in some of the most comfortable outfits.
Apart from religious significance, the gleaming colors, upbeat dance moves, and of course at Navratri are sometimes not fun.
Yes, this is an opportunity to perform at its best in the traditional way.
You need to update your wardrobe with some impeccable Indian ethnic wear which is high-style meters

The Navratri season is here and if you have not decided what you are going to do, here are some tips and ideas that can help you all during Navratri.
In Navratri, we all want to look gorgeous and beautiful although we all wear chaniya choli if you don't have chaniya choli and you want some new look then this is appropriate article for you.

In Navratri, the main thing which highlights is our jewelry especially are oxidized jewelry so if you don't have many clothes don't worry you have to collect different types of oxidized jewelry like earrings chokers necklaces rings teeka Kamarbhandh etc.this is enough and you don't need anything else.

For Makeup

Friends Navratri is all about dance so we have to keep in mind that we should apply waterproof and good quality makeup because we all are sweating at the time of dancing .so our makeup should be long-lasting and waterproof you have to use a good fragrance of perfume, because if you smell good you feel good and you dance well.

Pleated skirt with heavy blouse

Friends, we all know that pleated skirts are entrance if you don't have pleated skirts you can also wear a plain skirt with a heavy blouse and take some accessories and jewelry with it this location to good guys it gives your very traditional and western vibe.

Maroon Skirt With White and Black Shirt

Maroon Skirt With White and Black ShirtMaroon Skirt With White and Black Shirt photos

Guys, I know that this look is out of trend now but we can recreate this look by wear a plain maroon skirt with your favorite black or white shirt and for tourist visa choker oxidized choker necklace this gives your very stylish feel and look.

Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suit is evergreen and we all have at least one in our wardrobe so just pick your suit and style it with some good accessories and jewelry guys trust me good as sarees and jewelry can make your boring outfit in a stylish outfit.

Anarkali Suit

Dhoti With Traditional Kurti 

Friends this look is my favorite one this gives your a very simple yet stylish and traditional look so we're your dhoti with the kathiyawadi Kurti, kurti is available in so many designs and colors and they are affordable also and take some oxidized choker with it.

Dhoti With Traditional Kurti

Style Your Old Jacket

kurta with jacket photos

So I know that we can afford a new dress every day in Navratri so just reuse your old Navy jacket in this Navratri per your heavy jacket with a plain kurta and some good jewelery guys if you wear good quality jewelry then it will change your whole look.


Reuse Your White Kurta

I know this sounds so boring and ugly but in this Navratri, if you feel messy and confused you don't worry just pick your white kurta and pair it with a palazzo, skirt, etc. and tag heavy oxidized necklace with it.

white kurta with heavy jewellery photos

Guys I hope and wish this article- Navratri 2020 Special Dresses for Girls is useful for you, you never have to worry about the dress again. I am here to solve your problems regarding dress ideas. I really want you to look beautiful in Navratri. Share your feedback and thoughts in the comment box.πŸ˜‡

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Best Indian Wedding Reception Dress Ideas 2020

Best Indian Wedding Reception Dress Ideas 2020

Hey everyone, according to me Indian ethnic wear are the best building blocks of a wardrobe because we can mix and match them with a lot of different types of clothes.

Advantages of Wearing Traditional Indian Dress

Many things come to our mind when we talk about traditional Indian dress. Urban women in our country generally choose western clothes over Indian traditional costumes. But women always prefer traditional costumes when it comes to attending festivals and weddings. A traditional Indian dress gives you classy and better look. A natural beauty of women comes out when they are in traditional dress. Our traditional attire such as sarees, salwar suits, lehenga choli and many more are options. The advantages of our traditional dress give us a motto of looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. The most daring comes to the fore when an Indian woman prepares for her wedding/reception. Let us see how different traditional clothes make us look attractive.😊


First I would like to start with what I like to call the ethnic replacement of t shirt and that's it tunics whenever  I do not feel like to wear regular clothes regular jeans t-shirt and I want to switch things up I always and a up gravitating towards a good well fitted tunic and a feeling as comfortable and stylish as I would in jeans and can hear your tunic with plazo pants dreams sharara saree exactra if you want to simple yet comfortable look like on Diwali festival wedding outfit except you need a good outfit for whole the day so you can hear your tunic with jeans or plazo and take some silver oxidized jewellery with it guys trust me it will give you a perfect traditional look.

                   tunic for girls

So if you don't like tunic don't worry there are a lot of options.


I know we all love black and at least we have one black kurta in a wardrobe so let's style your basic paint black kurta in different ways to make a perfect ethnic traditional outfit.

So my first option is you can style your black a line kurta with a denim jacket and jeans and take some silver jewellery with it it looks to stylish yet traditional.

If you want some heavy look you can pair your black anarkali kurta with a black pajama or pant and the twist is take a heavy dupatta with it it will give you more stylish and elegant look. For more you can add a curved neck piece with it.
If you don't want to wear dupatta so you can also style your black kurta with plazo or skirt and just add some heavy jewellery with it it will give you a perfect traditional look for wedding festival different occasions etc.


Guys  I want that you don't have to spend money a lot of money on  clothes as you can  also mix and match your clothes with other.

I want you look beautiful on weeding festival with your clothes you have already in your wardrobe.
many of us know that white kurti is very common simple and boring but friends if you have no option and you confused that what to wear at last moment so white kurti is the best option at that time.
for weddings/receptions or festival take white anarkali kurta and pair it with a white pant aur pajama aur plazo and a heavy dupatta or bandhej duppata. And tag some needful accessories with it .

white kurtiwhite kurti with duppta

Jackets and Shrugs

jackets for girlsshrugs for girls

Friends jackets and shrug it have very important role in traditional outfit. you can change your boring outfit in a new form. so , if you don't have any type of jacket or shrug you have to buy a good one. you can pair your jacket with any a line kurta and some jewellery it will look to classy and too good. Here I am sharing some examples that that can help you to choose your outfit


net duppta

 heavy duppta

there are a lot of options that are available in the market and they are affordable also if you have a good collection of the pata then you don't need to worry about your outfit for any wedding occasion festival accept because we can wear one simple outfit in different ways with the help of different the pata hai am showing you some example to pair your dupatta with simple outfit to make it stylish and elegant .


bottom wear at the name thing which can give your outfit a greeks like we all must have black plazo it can mix and match with any kurta tunic block 6 sector I have a black plazo white plazo and some different colours of skirts so I can mix and match this with my any top wear and these simple things can make our outfit to traditional and good as well as comfortable also.

red skirt for girls

                 printed skirtwhite plazzo

However, I would suggest you to wear something in which you feel most pleasant and confident. Wear something that can enhance your grandeur and highlight your identity. Buying Indian Ethnic Dresses for Women Online, the best possible scenario.

The festive season brings the best of joy and enjoyment in terms of festivals, spectacle and entertainment. Your hands are ready to eat the best of native cuisine and your feet never get tired of dancing. Everything looks right In fact, you have to stay out of the party and meet your social media publishing goals by setting the standards of fashion photography.
During the celebration, it is not only women but also men who try to catch everyone's eye. And what could be better than Indian ethnic clothing for turning heads? In short, nothing can make you more genuine and royal than Indian ethnic wear.

So that's it guys I hope you liked the wedding reception dress ideas and found it helpful. I wish you look gorgeous and stunning on festivals, wedding/reception and other special occasions. Share your feedback and thoughts with me in the comments section below.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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How To Style Pleated Skirt | Box Pleated Skirt

How To Style Pleated Skirt in Different Ways

Hi everyone today I am going to sharing different ways in which you can style your pleated skirt. well, Raksha Bandhan around the corner and we all want to look gorgeous so, in this article, I am giving you some suggestions that if you have a pleated skirt and you want to style it in traditional or Western so continue reading.

There are a lot of color options in the skirt that are available in the market so it's up to you that what you like the most.

Importance Of Beautiful Dress

We know that on many occasions we all want to look gorgeous and stunning and the most important thing that reflects our personality and our choice is our dress/outfit.

The dress is the main thing that builds our confidence, so we are here with many ideas that guide you to get the best and special dress for Rakhi.

Well, Raksha Bandhan is coming and we are searching for the perfect dress for this special day. Before you feel messy and confused and if you are thinking about what to wear on Raksha Bandhan, 

I am here to help you, to get the best choices that you can easily get from your wardrobe. spend less and get more.
Stunning In Sheer
If you want some Western touch so style your pleated skirt with a sheer top. Guys trust me if you are not comfortable in short clothes and you want to look classy and elegant so this is the perfect combination and tag loops or studs with it.

How To Style Pleated Skirtpleated skirt grey

Casual Look
If you want a simple and casual look for the whole day on Raksha Bandhan so with the pleated skirt you can style your normal t-shirt or crop top its looks so simple yet stylish and for more touch wear a belt with it.

crop top with pleated skirtshort pleated skirt

Cami Please?
As we all know that Raksha Bandhan comes in the monsoon season so there is a lot of humidity and sweat so if you want a free and Stylish look style your skirt with the cami top if you opt velvet cami top then it is looks better and tag your favorite earrings with it.

white pleated skirt cami with pleated skirt

Off-Shoulder Looks Better
Again in casual one more option you can choose, style your skirt with off-shoulder top for more spice tag it with a belt and some good accessories.

pleated skirt pinkoff shoulder

If you don't want these Western look so don't worry there are more options that you can opt.

Kathiyavadhi Blouse
If you want traditional look on rakhi so wear your skirt with a kathiyawadi blouse guys this looks too good and classy I personally love this idea. Kathiyawadi blouse looks too good with a long pleated skirt and with this look you can tie your hair in a ponytail and that's it this is the final look.

kathiyavadhi blouse

Plain White
I think we all have at least one white shirt in our wardrobe so style your white shirt with a long pleated skirt and take some silver neckpiece with it this look is fusion combination because it gives traditional as well as Western vibes.

pleated skirt white

Look Elegant In Kurta
If you already have a simple and good quality kurta so don't worry you can style kurta with the pleated skirt and for more touch tag your belt and some jewelry with it.

pleated skirt

So that's it guys I hope you liked it and found it helpful. I wish you look gorgeous and stunning on Raksha Bandhan. Share your feedback and thoughts with me in the comments section below.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

How To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Short Clothes

How To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Short Clothes

Hi guys, Fashion is all about relaxing no matter how you want to look beautiful sexy glamorous. It should not depend on the length of your clothes.

So much scalable skin or no skin. It's completely up to you. I find a lot of girls dressing up without dressing sexy is a bit difficult which is not true and today I am going to tell you exactly how to do it.😊

Sheer Tops To The Rescue

If you can tell of someone who is wearing a cropped top with his neck bridal or his top, I can find your confidence when wearing black clothes and very Look pathetic.

How To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Short Clothes

How To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Short Clothes

Grooming Always Comes First
Now I always believed that a good woman or girl is always sensual when there is someone who just cares about what she wears, always takes care that your nails are not clean That this chip is for nails you have worn at least jewelry and is not excessive.

Also, keep in mind that your shoes are super clean. It says a lot about your personality and always keeps a nice sophisticated bag.

Nails                Purse      boots

The Strap Is Always Sexy And Safe
Again this is a fabric that is super sexy but very elegant at the same time you can wear a beautiful red lace dress as the color red clearly gathers throughout.

The strap is always sexy and safe

The strap is always sexy and safe

Trust Your Favorite White Shirt
When I suspect that I have worn a white shirt and have always believed that it is timeless and there is nothing sexier than a woman in a white shirt, a belt is good. I think it is too short. Is not and it also bothers your lower body in the right places which also defines you.

Decreases and this is what you want you to look gorgeous.

white shirt

Saree, Please?
Now, it may not be a little easier to digest, but a woman in a sari is very sexy. You may remember that Sushmita Sen gets the main Hun Na and the fall of Pallu shouts R-la from your shoulders which leads to the sari. Everything about the woman's body is just super sexy.

Black Saree

Stick To Satin

Satin is a very soft and kind of romantic fabric, so if you don't have a choice, you can resort to something and we will look gorgeous, it will not only make you comfortable wearing clothes, but the clothes are known to be added to a glass.

Stick to satin

I hope you guys liked it and found it helpful so for all of you girls who are not comfortable wearing very short clothes, these steps are going to be very useful so anything, it seems more important to feel sexy then to look sexy so if you feel good and you feel sexy and you feel beautiful then you are going to look sexy or beautiful.

That's all for this article. I hope you liked it and style yourself, be classy, and share your feedback and thoughts in the comment boxπŸ‘‡.

5 Cute Hairstyle For Short Hair

5 Cute Hairstyle For Short Hair

Hi everyone today I am sharing you 5 cute hairstyle for short hair.If you are feeling bored by making an old boring hairstyle so this article is appropriate for you. So take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this article.😊And know about cute and easy hairstyle for short hair.

1.The First Hairstyle, when you are going to make the hair on your crown section, take it back and tie it in a high ponytail so that you can finger your hair instead of using a brush for a more natural look.

Now you're going to have another elastic and you're going to tie it a few inches away from your hair with a pony pinch so that it becomes thicker and now you're going to turn it over and hide the loops and make this little button stick.

Draw and tie the hairpin so that it stays in place where you can finally leave it sticking out for a more casual look and this is the final look.

cute and easy hairstyle for short hair

2.The Second Hairstyle, you need to divide one part of the hair into three and cross the same two sections over each other twice. Then you are going to cross one over the other once and then Do the third one again.

Add it twice and then the third one and you keep doing it until you reach the next end, you are going to pinch the outer strand of your braid and create this unique effect. And then you're going to tie it with a little elastic.

Then bring it back and secure it with bobby pins and that's the end result that I usually like in this hairstyle because it looks super complicated. But it is very quick and easy.

cute easy hairstyle for short hair

cute easy hairstyle for short hair

3.The Third Cute Hairstyle For Short Hair, we are going to take a section of hair and we are going to remove another piece under it.

We're going to start twisting the hair and then we're going to tie a knot to make sure it tightly leaves the part you used for the main knot and stick a bobby pin so that everything Remain unchanged.

Next you are going to include a new section of hair and then you are going to take a small piece of hair just below that one and wrap it around the main section.

Once you have done this you are going to make an opening with your finger and tie a knot, as you did before taking a bobby pin and secure the knot in one place, repeat this process twice more And this is the end result.

cute and easy hairstyle for short hair

cute hairstyle for short hair

4.Hairstyle Number Four you are going to make a waterfall peak which you will later turn into a quest. Take one part here to cross your two pieces, and now you're going to sandwich the third piece of hair.

Basically, you're always going to cross two sections and add the third one that sits between them are for repeat your sections and repeat the process as you work your way you will notice that if you remove those sections it is very easy so that they do not bother you once you have your ears.

Once you reach about the level, you will leave all the pieces of hair. Hairpin and now you're going to pinch the hair a little bit.

Before you tie your hair to the rest of the three-strand braid, once the braid you're going to tie it with a little elastic and that's the last. Look

cute hairstyle for short hair

cute and easy hairstyle for short hair

5.The Fifth Hairstyle is super easy. All you have to do is draw a triangle at the very top of your head and then divide it into two so that one section goes away so that it doesn't bother you because you work with the other and now you have three.

A small section of hair that is divided into sections is going to section, one section to another at least once and now every time you need to cross the outer sections, you can cut the hair To add, first add hair.

Repeating the directions a little bit and once you have incorporated the hair, you are going to braid a bit more and tie your hair with a little elastic, and now is the time. It has come that you too can do breading once. Take a small elastic and tie your bread with it and this is the final form.

Another variation you can try is both taking ponytails and making a top bun. This cute and easy hairstyle for short hair is definitely fun and trendy, so I suggest you try it.

cute and easy hairstyle for short hair

cute easy hairstyle for short hair

That's all for this article. I hope you liked it and know about cute hairstyle for short hair, style yourself, be classy and share your feedback and thoughts in the comment boxπŸ‘‡.